New website "live" for a week - how did it go?

Well I am pleased to say that the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and many thanks to all those who have visited the site, made positive comments, suggested areas for improvement; and suggested subjects they would like to see covered.

The name of the game these days to promote a webs site is all about fresh, regularly updated and relevant content. We aim to have regular updates via the blog, articles of interest and of course, a steady flow of new vacancies.

A smile wouldn’t hurt you now, would it?

Failing to smile at interview has been ranked third in UK employers’ top 10 turn-offs when hiring. According to research from, when asked to choose the biggest body language turn-offs in job interviews, employers went for:

1. Failure to make eye contact (83%)

2. Weak handshake (54%)

3. Failure to smile(48%)

4. Crossing your arms over your chest (41%)

5. Playing with something-on the table (40%)

6. Playing with your hair or touching your face (36%)

7. Fidgeting too much in your seat (34%)

8. Bad posture (32%)

Keep calm and carry on………

Dreadful scenes on our TV screens this week as lunacy seemed to affect our urban society with opportunist looters and thieves rioting in order to steal consumer goods.

The vast majority of law-abiding citizens in this country were shocked and dismayed. It is clearly a complex and difficult matter to try to resolve – and certainly not within the scope of this blog to even try.

However I was struck by an instance of people carrying on despite the thugs.

5 reasons candidates fail when interviewed.

Picture the scene for your poor recruiter…………….

He has diligently thought about his clients brief, analysed the objective and subjective qualities needed, considered the practicalities (location, money) and drawn up his internal shortlist. Then he interviews the individuals, checks out their motivations, probes for detail and ensures all claims are valid. Days, weeks, if not months of hard work!

So – bingo – he presents the client with a sparkling short list of world-beating, industry dominating, Lord Sugar impressing, sales dynamos!

What could possibly go wrong?

What Architects & Designers REALLY want!

When I started Beaumont Wood 11 years ago with the aim of recruiting specification sales people in the interiors world, I had an idea.

Why not go and see a top architect and ask them what they looked for in a specification sales person?

I had been out of the trade for a while, so had to do some research and subsequently cold called the Design Director at Gensler. Not someone who would ordinarily be too willing to see a rep flogging him product I suspect!

However because I made it clear I wasn’t trying to sell (i.e. get him to specify) anything he agreed to meet up.