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Unorthodox candidates!

Usually, my job is to find very niche and specialised candidates for my clients. It is rare for me to get an open brief, and this is because my clients tend to operate in closely defined market sectors.

As a result, it is frequently hard to get the right people from a small pool of talent.

Recently I have had some refreshingly open-minded clients who are prepared to consider applications from people with slightly unorthodox backgrounds.

Candidate “A” has a strong track record at senior level managing a team across Europe, and then took 5 years off after the birth of her son. She feels that this was time very well spent, but now as school beckons, she wants to return to work. However, she does not want the extended international travel her former career required. Accordingly, a more local role where she would be home every night is what she wants. Many potential employers would have been wary of this, concerned that this more junior role would be just a stepping stone, or her motivation might be diminished. One employer is seriously considering her on her considerable merits – fair play to them!

Candidate “B” is heavily tattooed (a decision made as a young man that he now regrets). As a big guy he may be perceived as quite intimidating in appearance, but in this case another of my clients has seen past this and has hired the very capable and experienced man underneath.
Beauty, or in this case, talent, is not skin deep!

Candidate “C” took time off during the pandemic to support his sons’ family when his son was severely affected by Covid and in hospital for an extended period. He has now re-entered the world of work with an enlightened employer who understood that sometimes “life” comes before “work”,

I recall a much-loved old boss of mine back in the day (Brian to those who remember Heuga). He decided that he no longer wanted to be National Sales Manager with all its hassle and demanding travel. He relocated back to Scotland and took on the role as local salesperson. He absolutely excelled, he knew all the customers, had a shed load of experience and developed a strong regional business where the local market share was c.40%. In the rest of the UK the market share was more like 25%!

So, I encourage employers to look beyond the obvious, to understand that people do have changing priorities as life progresses, and there are potentially very gifted candidates out there if you give them a chance!