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Building Products Recruitment

The building products sector is vast and covers a wide variety of areas from plant equipment and components, right through to building and construction materials, roofing, and lighting to name just a few. Recruiting for a particular role can be especially difficult when you are facing a swath of applications that may not have the specific skills or experience needed for your available position.

That is why it is crucial that any hires made in your business are fully researched and qualified and shortlisted candidates can make a real difference to your organisation. At Beaumont Wood we have worked within the building products sector for over 20 years and have strong partnerships with many manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors, recruiting for key positions across specialist product areas. Read our case studies.

The Challenge

Working in the building products sector has a diverse set of challenges in today’s market. You will want to employ key team members who can understand the pressures faced by issues such as variable raw material costs, material sourcing, and the need to make environmentally conscious decisions.

Candidate Selection

We go through a rigorous selection process to ensure the shortlisted candidates you receive are fully up to the task and have a solid understanding of the role and its responsibilities. You can be assured that we will be looking for the best fit for your business and will work tirelessly to achieve an enviable list of candidates for you to review.

Read more about our process.

Our Experience

We regularly place candidates at intermediate and senior levels across a broad spectrum of roles from sales and marketing functions, finance, purchasing, operations, and executive board level appointments including those of Managing Director and at Director level.  Read more about us.

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