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Beaumont Wood has specialised in recruitment within the building products / interiors market since January 2000. 

Throughout the past decade we’ve recruited for sales, management, marketing, director level and other roles for a variety of organisations. Our clients include manufacturers & distributors in the Interiors market including in the flooring, wall-covering, fabric, architectural ironmongery, signage, furniture & lighting sectors.

We have also worked in more technical markets such as fenestration, curtain walling, roofing, insulation and geotextiles - to name a few! Our clients market to the office, hospitality & leisure, transport, retail, high end designer / decorator, healthcare, education & public sectors. Most of our clients work within the specification sector (A & D, interior designers, main and sub-contractors, end users and consultants).

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Our latest blog post (follow us on Twitter at @jerrywrecruiter)

Common hiring mistakes – A costly and avoidable problem

Common hiring mistakes – A costly and avoidable problem

There is a lot written about the stress for the candidate when it comes to the employment process, but we tend to forget that there is a great deal at stake for the employer as well. A bad candidate choice can result in a cost with little or no return, a disrupted team, a delay in development or efficient working methods, a loss of morale in the workforce and ultimately a further employment cycle to once again fill the post. Hiring someone is quite a major decision, and done wrong it can be a costly mistake, both financially and in terms of the overall business plan.