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Beaumont Wood has specialised in recruitment within the building products / interiors market since January 2000. 

Throughout the past decade we’ve recruited for sales, management, marketing, director level and other roles for a variety of organisations. Our clients include manufacturers & distributors in the Interiors market including in the flooring, wall-covering, fabric, architectural ironmongery, signage, furniture & lighting sectors.

We have also worked in more technical markets such as fenestration, curtain walling, roofing, insulation and geotextiles - to name a few! Our clients market to the office, hospitality & leisure, transport, retail, high end designer / decorator, healthcare, education & public sectors. Most of our clients work within the specification sector (A & D, interior designers, main and sub-contractors, end users and consultants).

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Our latest blog post (follow us on Twitter at @jerrywrecruiter)

“I am sure you will fit in here” – Company culture and its effect on staff

Have you ever been to visit a business and felt that you probably wouldn’t want to work there? You walk out without a specific reason why, but something about the place just said it wasn’t right for you. Yet most of the time, there is nothing wrong with the working environment or the perfectly nice people that work in it. It’s just that, while it would be fine for some people, it's not right for you. Similarly, have you ever been drawn to a candidate on ‘gut instinct’ when it was a choice of two qualified applicants?