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Career Planning and Advice

Beaumont Wood is here to help with your career planning.  We would be delighted to discuss your career aspirations and offer a range of support in the ways we feel will best help you to achieve your goals. 

As a candidate of Beaumont Wood, we will try to find you the right job opportunities, not just encourage you to apply for multiple roles to achieve our quotas.

If you  are embarking on a job hunt we are happy to explain how the job market works, the differences between various types of recruitment methods, and that magical place where most new opportunities lie – the unadvertised jobs market!  Often a few minutes chatting with us can clarify your thoughts and develop an appropriate action plan.  We will, however shoot straight and offer constructive criticism if we feel it is in your best long-term interests!

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Career Planning Tips


1. Get the basics right first

Beware of building a job-hopper’s CV.  It will eventually come back to haunt you as employers will be wary of taking you on for fear that you will soon be off again.

If you want more challenge, then do at least explore the possibility of first making an internal move.  There may well be an opportunity elsewhere in your current organisation. Speak to your boss either formally at an appraisal or informally as appropriate.  If an employer rates you, they will often prefer to accommodate your developmental ambitions within their organisation (if possible) than lose you and have to re-train someone else.

2. Assess your own life needs

Find a quiet moment and ask yourself, what it is that you want out of life?

  • Are you ambitious for position and money?
  • Do you always want to be learning new things?
  • Are you after the quiet life and to achieve a better work/life balance?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What makes you happy?
  • What particular skills have you already got, and what skills would you like to have?

3. Set yourself some goals

Once you have assessed your life needs then it is much easier to work out some clear aims for the coming months and years.  So, make clear in your mind where you want to work; what environment you want to work in; how much you want to earn; what skills you want to gain, and lastly, in what timescale you want to achieve this.

4. Take action

I have limited experience and want to move into the building products market.

Consider your “transferable skills”; do you for example, have training as an Interior Designer plus some commercial experience? If you have worked for a sub-contractor then, again you may be suitably experienced to transfer that experience to an employer who values relationships with such customers.  

I have a couple of years’ experience, what next?

Form a clear idea of why you want to move on.  Have you pursued any internal opportunities? You will add credibility to your CV if you are seen to grow within your own organisation. Many of our clients also like to take on people who want to move after an initial and successful period of experience.  This demonstrates ambition, drive, and a keenness to learn.

I am looking to become a Manager.

As a manager of people your people skills, business financial abilities and negotiating skills will all need to be developed. You have to be able to get the job done through others rather than doing it all yourself.  

I am a Manager, what next?

The next obvious move might be into a Director’s role for which you will need to: develop good business acumen and strategic thinking ability; be flexible in your location; show sound management skills, especially the ability to manage from afar.  

I want to diversify into different sectors.

In moving into different sectors, there are several things to consider.  Some clients are happy to retrain. Others will expect you to have a good level of prior knowledge of their sector (eg. Flooring, Furniture etc.).

In many cases if you have a successful track record in a relatively adjacent market sector then your personal qualities, understanding of the decision-making process and contacts may well be attractive to another employer.

For help and assistance in making your next career move please contact us.