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With over 20 years of recruitment experience and many more working in the complex world of building products and commercial interior finishes, we have put together some of the frequently asked questions about our services.

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How do you attract good quality candidates?

Over the past 20 years we have built a strong network of contacts throughout the trade. Our Director uses his own personal experience in building products sales at various levels (specification sales, sales team management, recruitment and training, and finally as Head of Marketing) to establish rapport & credibility. Taking a personal interest in the real aims and objectives for candidates means that we can introduce them to the right type of opportunity.

Can you recruit for a board level and director positions?

Yes, we have completed several recently.

Can you recruit for an international role?

Yes, we have recruited across Europe, the Middle East and in both the USA and Canada. View our Global Appointments page.

How long will the recruitment process take?

Usually we can provide a short list within 2 / 3 weeks. After that depends on the client’s timescales, and notice period for candidates.

How many applicants will you send me to look through?

Our job is to provide a short list of suitably qualified candidates, all interested, affordable and located in the right area. We aim for between 3 and 5.

What happens if the person I employ doesn’t show up or leaves the business soon after their appointment?

This is rare (in 20 years no-one has ever failed to show up!), and on the unusual situation where someone may leave, we have a sliding scale rebate policy in the terms and conditions.

Why would I choose to use a recruitment agency rather than advertising a job ourselves?

Recruitment is time consuming, and adverts frequently fail to attract the right type of candidate. Indeed, many irrelevant applicants drain time to process and respond to. We pro-actively contact both known and unknown candidates carefully selected for potential “fit” and spend a great deal of time and effort to ensure that our client short list has every chance of success.


How do I submit my CV for a role?

Simply submit your CV via our contact form on the website.

What advice can you give me?

We offer all manner of advice from how to mount an effective job hunt, prepare a winning CV, an effective LinkedIn profile etc.
Take a look at our blog for tips and advice on winning your next role. You can also view recordings of our webinars.

Where do you advertise your available positions?

You can find out current vacancies listed on our vacancies section and we occasionally use a specific niche job board, depending on the role we are recruiting for. Follow us on LinkedIn where we will also publish all vacancies.

Will you keep my details on file?

Yes, if you want us to, and in accordance with the GDPR regulations. View our Privacy Policy.

The Company

Who are Beaumont Wood?

We are a long-established recruitment consultancy specialising in the building products and commercial interior finishes sectors. We have been established for over 20 years and although we place a high focus on specialist roles within this industry, we are also able to utilise our extensive skills to select key personnel for businesses across all industry sectors.

We offer services for permanent roles, contract positions, retained and contingency recruitment, plus we also provide digital marketing services on a freelance basis. We recruit for senior management jobs, sales and marketing roles, operations, and production directors, plus much more. We are also experienced at placing candidates globally with positions filled at multi-national companies across the world.

Contact us for a no obligation consultation.

What makes you different to other recruitment agencies?

Quite simply, we go the extra mile to make sure we match the right people to the right positions.

Our personal approach, quality of service, and professionalism, plus our extensive market knowledge means we are a leader in our field.

We thoroughly research the role we are recruiting, skills match, and comprehensively vet all candidates, and are involved throughout the whole process.
We never take on more clients than we can handle, and our reputation has seen us develop long-lasting client and candidate relationships. Our core values are all based on communication and we are focused on delivering the right solution.

Who will I speak to?

As a small team, we are dedicated to providing hands-on support to both applicants and employers looking to make their next key hire. Managing Director, Jerry Wood, makes sure to speak to all candidates and employers throughout the recruitment process.

How do I get in contact with you?

Please give us a call on 01295 720365 or drop us a line by email

How can I keep in touch?

We would love to keep in touch to keep you informed on our latest services and also offer useful hints and tips for both employers and applicants.

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