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Commercial Interiors Recruitment

The commercial interiors and finishes market is highly competitive, and you will want to ensure that the personnel representing your company are adept at developing client relationships and are able to add value to your business. That is where Beaumont Wood’s knowledge in this contract interiors can really make a difference during your next hire.

Recruitment Expertise

Director, Jerry Wood, has extensive hands-on experience in contract interiors and has worked for market-leading organisations both as a recruiter and in senior level posts. This experience affords us the ability to truly understand the needs of our clients and accurately search for the potential employees who would best suit the available role. Read more about us.  

Our clients include manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers, and have incorporated areas such as floor coverings, furniture, lighting, storage, plus many more.

Specialising in the recruitment of sales and marketing, operations, and senior management positions, we have a large contact database of prospective applicants and are adept at researching and qualifying quality, driven candidates to provide you with a shortlist of highly able candidates to complete your team.

Jobs in Commercial Interiors

The commercial interiors market includes solutions for public spaces such as hospitals and healthcare, and council and government facilities. It also covers commercial environments such as hotels, offices, hospitality venues, plus much more.

This vast sector means there is great scope for finding suitable candidates who fit your brief and can fit seamlessly into your business. 

Our Experience

Our placements have included showroom sales, showroom manager, contract sales, sales representative, and commercial sales positions, as well as management and director level positions.

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