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Careers advice service renews confidence

Beaumont Wood has recently launched a new Careers Advice service after recognising the lack of one-to-one career support available to people looking for a new role.

Focused on providing tailored and hands-on support, the Career Advice package includes online mentoring and useful resource guides with 70 pages of tips delivered by director, Jerry Wood.

Who is it suitable for?

Anyone looking for a new job could benefit from our advice service. However, it can be particularly beneficial to people just starting out in their career, those wanting to move into a new industry, or those who maybe have been in a role for a long period and now need to change jobs.

Career help after redundancy

As a real-life example, here’s how we helped Andy boost his confidence and maximise opportunities when looking for a new role.

Andy had been made redundant after 18 years working for the same employer and was unsure about how to start his job hunt.

Firstly, we worked with him to discuss the situation and help provide confidence that he would find another suitable role. We covered how job hunting was a process with various stages and that it was important to stay positive as there may be ups and downs along the way. We covered how the more time and energy one can spend on moving forward rather than going back over any regrets or negativity, the better.

Then we moved onto the practicalities of presenting yourself in the best possible light to employers through a powerful and convincing CV. This involved some to-ing and fro-ing with a draft until we were satisfied. Once that was ready, we moved on to creating a detailed and well-connected LinkedIn profile, plus how to best use it to raise Andy’s profile.

Once those tools were in place, we were able to move on to job hunting. After identifying the job types Andy would be suitable for, we created a twin-track strategy for him.

Finally, support was provided on specific vacancy applications, and on interview preparation so that Andy felt fully prepared and confident when speaking with employers.

What makes our Career Advice service different?

Utilising Jerry’s 20+ years of recruitment experience and his deep understanding of what employers look for in applicants, you’ll have all the tools for success to move on to your next role.

Sign up for the career advice package and you’ll receive practical, friendly advice-driven support that’s tailored to your needs and the back-up of 70 pages of tips that can be used now and in the future.

Learn more about our Career Advice service and request sample guides.