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Unorthodox candidates!

Usually, my job is to find very niche and specialised candidates for my clients. It is rare for me to get an open brief, and this is because my clients tend to operate in closely defined market sectors. As a result, it is frequently hard to get the right people from a small pool of […]

Careers advice service renews confidence

Careers Advice Service Beaumont Wood

Beaumont Wood has recently launched a new Careers Advice service after recognising the lack of one-to-one career support available to people looking for a new role. Focused on providing tailored and hands-on support, the Career Advice package includes online mentoring. useful resource guides and 70 pages of tips delivered by director, Jerry Wood.

Standing Out in a Candidate Led Job Market

Standing out in a candidate led market

Attracting the right candidates to a role and enticing them to join your business has been a difficult task this year as demand has outstripped the availability of talent. With more offers to consider, candidates have increased power and employers need to work harder on their offering to secure a hire. We’ve taken a look […]

How to be resilient in the workplace

How to be resilient in the workplace

The challenges over the past two years have affected us all on both a personal and professional level. Successful businesses will be able to withstand adversities and bounce back from these difficult events. We’ve taken a look at how you can grow resilience in the workplace to develop personal growth and boost the effectiveness of your team.

The key challenges affecting the Building Products sector

key challenges affecting building products sector

We’ve heard from our clients how supply shortages, escalating prices and difficulties recruiting skilled workers have all created disruption in the building products sector throughout this year. Couple this with the impact both Brexit and the pandemic has had on building and construction and it’s easy to why there are complex difficulties to overcome. Unfortunately, […]

Industry events this Autumn

Industry exhibitions in building products and contract flooring

As industry events begin to return with caution, we’ve taken a look at some of the upcoming exhibitions in the Contract Flooring and Building Products sector, two key areas of our recruitment expertise. The Flooring Show, 19th September Harrogate Convention Centre The Flooring Show is ideal for personnel working in the contract flooring sector as […]

New working practices set to continue

home office - working practices - Beaumont Wood

We’ve undertaken a detailed survey into the staffing plans of our industry post-pandemic and it has highlighted some interesting trends we’d like to share. Read our findings to see how this may affect recruitment of roles in the future.

How to inspire while working from home

working from home

Flexible working has certainly become more prevalent during the past year and it’s a trend that’s set to continue. We’ve put together some of our top tips on how to inspire your team and customers while working in a hybrid role with your time split between home and the office.

Filling the skills gap in your team

Filling the skills gap Beaumont Wood

We’ve all had to adapt to new ways of working over the past year and some traditional methods have been changed for the foreseeable future, such as in-person sales meetings. To ensure continued growth it’s more important than ever that you identify and fill any skills gaps within your team.

Top Trends Facing the Building Products Industry in 2021

Manager in building products premises

There’s no doubt that all facets of the Building Products sector faced a unique set of challenges in 2020, largely due to the impact of the pandemic. What are the prospects like this year? We take a look at the top trends facing the building products industry in 2021.     1. Recovery With so […]