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Thought for the Day: Quantified Achievements

Most CVs I see are poor, they lack one vital element – which is “quantified achievements”.

In the commercial world where I operate, most jobs can be distilled down to two factors:
1. Do I make my employer money? E.g. sales roles
2. Do I save my employer money? E.g. Production / productivity roles

Further, when I interview people and ask them “What have you achieved?”, many times I get a blank look. Yet this is exactly where a candidate can shine, and stand out from other applicants. Much better is a response like:

“Well, I saved 25% on the previous waste figure (£35,000 per annum)”


“I’m glad you asked, I increased gross profit by £100,000 over a two year period”

So whether on your CV, and also at interview, you should have these facts at your fingertips.

I strongly suggest that you make a note of these achievements EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT JOB HUNTING. (Let’s face it, you are not going to be in your current job in 5 years’ time are you?). So be prepared, and start thinking ahead!

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