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Top Tips for Recruiting Senior Level Employees

At Beaumont Wood we offer a comprehensive senior management recruitment service that includes the appointment of Managing Directors, CEOs, board level, and executive management positions across all industries. We’ve put together a handy check list of our top tips for recruiting senior level employees into your business.

Finding the right candidate for your business is essential to the continued growth and success of your organisation. It’s a challenging task and one which we can help every step of the way to ensure your new hire is the right fit for your long-term sustainability.

How best to recruit for senior positions

1. Establish your vision

Appointing new senior personnel is the ideal opportunity to take a fresh look at your vision for your business. What is the long-term aim and goals of the business and your expectations of the appointment? Make sure you can communicate this effectively with your candidates and executive recruiter and include a strong job specification to source the right type of candidate.

2. Develop an ideal candidate profile

Spending time in this area will prove dividends in the long term. What are the personality traits, experience, and competencies expected of the person you’re recruiting? Drill-down essential attributes and desirable characteristics to help you formulate a profile of your preferred candidate. 

3. Proactively search for suitable candidates

Most senior-level appointments are made to candidates who are not actively looking for a new position. Simply advertising for senior role does not always yield the appropriate candidates. That’s where an experienced recruiter, like Beaumont Wood, really comes into its own. We’re able to spend the time and resource to diligently approach target candidates who fit your desired profile to proactively target people with the right characteristics to achieve your goal.

4. Think long term

Hiring senior management, such as a new Managing Director, can take time and it’s important to remain patient to find the right hire for your business. Get it right and they will add real value to your operation. Suitable candidates will often already be in position and will likely come with a long lead time as they transition out of their existing business. The search can take longer than more junior positions too, so it’s important to involve a executive recruiter as early on in the process as possible. Most senior level hires will be for long term, permanent positions, and it’s worth investing early to select from the right pool of people.

5. Add value to your offer

Successful senior managers and board level appointments are often motivated by more than their salary renumeration. They’re driven individuals and will want to ensure their move is right for them as much as you will want the right fit for your organisation. Adding value to your offer such as share options, lifestyle benefits that are tailored to their needs, opportunities for CPD, and even assistance for relocation, if appropriate, may sway their decision.

6. Seek the right cultural fit

Senior management level appointments have a critical impact on the culture of an organisation. Appointing someone who cannot operate within the existing culture of a business could lead to confusion, chaos, and a negative impact on your company. If you’re looking to change your organisation’s culture, consider candidates who have a change management background or previous exposure in this area, as this could prove vital when working towards a shift in company ethos.

7. Listen to their ideas

An excellent way to assess candidates during the interview process is to listen to their ideas. How do they see themselves operating in the position to achieve the goals you have identified? Setting an open question for candidates to present their thoughts will offer you lots of insight on how they view the role and their capabilities. Do they understand what challenges they may face and are their expectations realistic?

8. Consider internal promotion

Offering existing personnel the opportunity to apply for the position can help you in the recruitment process. You may find a hidden gem that is looking for a step-up in your organisation. However, we would always recommend you look outside of your existing pool of people too, so that you’re able to fully evaluate the marketplace and the right fit for your role.

9. Create an engaging case

Your vision for the business, the philosophy, team, and long-term goals will all help develop an engaging case to your hire. Communicating this during the search, interview, and appointment process can help you secure a person that’s the right fit for your organisation. 

10. Utilise recruitment expertise

Recruiting can be tricky, especially when looking for a senior manager or director to take your business to the next level. That’s why we would always recommend that a business should utilise the experience of a proven executive recruitment specialist like Beaumont Wood. By taking on a consultant on a retained basis, you will be able to use their headhunting expertise to seek out exceptional candidates for your role.

On hand to help

Beaumont Wood has over 20 years of experience working with organisations looking to fill their next key hire. Take a look at our process and information on our executive and senior management recruitment for further details on how we operate.

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