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Are you doing enough to attract the top talent?

When you start that all-important search for your new company recruits, are you solely focusing on their qualities and skills, or have you remembered that how you measure up to the competition is just as important?

Before you even start the hiring process, it is a good idea to have a ‘health check’ of your company. Are you actually losing staff you should be retaining, and if so why? If you are recruiting, that means another company is losing staff and you need to question whether that is an area where you need to be focusing some attention. When an employee leaves, are you conducting a thorough exit interview? Do you know why employees leave your business, and is it something that could be avoidable? Is there the opportunity for growth and personal development in your business, and do you have a culture that is focused on employee retention?

All of these questions will give you a better insight into how your employees view not only your business but also your leadership skills and your company culture. Building an environment in which employees can grow and develop both professionally and personally is a key factor when it comes to staff retention.

Company culture and your brand’s value

When we talk about brands, we tend to think of Coca-Cola or Persil, but actually, your brand image is just a fancy name for your company image. Your business is your brand, so how are you ensuring your brand is a stand out one? What are your company’s USPs? Is it quality, customer service or technological advancements maybe? Whatever you believe your company USPs to be, are they the core strengths that your business is built on and what makes you an employer of choice? How do you really treat your staff compared to your competitors? Does your business believe it is only as good as the people that work in it? If so how far do you go to ensure that the welfare of your workforce is at the heart of your business?

You need to really ask yourself some tough questions about how your company is perceived, not only in your industry but also from a recruiters point of view. An employer with a reputation for having a revolving door at the front of the building is never going to really attract the top talent it needs to see their business truly succeed. You love your business, it’s yours so why wouldn’t you, but would you love to work here as an employee? If you don’t know the answer to this question, your internal culture needs some work.

What can you offer your employees?

Never underestimate the importance of offering your employees opportunities that allow them to gain a genuine work/life balance. Sabbaticals for study and travel can go a long way when it comes down to attracting top talent and retaining your best employees.  You need to try to offer something that your competitors don’t, that will not only fulfil your employee’s requirements but also create a desire for them to want to add value to your business. Potential candidates need to see that you are an employer who will care about their needs as much as those of the business and can demonstrate flexibility. With our increasingly complex lives, the job we take does not always come down to who has the deepest pockets. Employees need to know that they matter, that they are making a difference and a positive contribution and that there is the flexibility there for when they need it most.