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Vacancy: To “role” – or not to “roll”?

2 Feb 2011

I read a lot of CV’s, today it seems like hundreds but it’s probably only around 100!

There are all standards of CV from really quite impressive to really quite awful.

One thing that I am picky about is presentation, grammar and spelling. You could argue that a Salesperson (as an example) has more important aspects to their application / suitability than speelling (just my little joke!) ability. You may say that their dynamic personality, track record, professional demeanour and so on are more relevant.

However the C.V. is your shop window, and if it has faults it will fail to get you to those all important interviews.

You are being judged and decisions made about whether to put you in the “yes”, “maybe” or “no” piles purely on it.

One thing I have noticed is that everybody gets the word “role” wrong. They say “roll” when they mean “role”.

You “roll ” down a hill, you are employed in a “role!”

This is perhaps not the most important spelling error, and may well go undetected, but it winds me up!