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Psychometric Assessments

We can provide state of the art psychometric assessments. Here is a sample report of the ProfileXT which takes our Directors profile; and matches it against the ideal profile (or benchmark) for a job as an Accountant:

You'll see where he matches the role, where he doesn't - and a range of interview questions to explore the "gaps".

If this was used in a real life interview situation you could use the information to dig into those areas where he did not meet the ideal target for the role.

Why bother doing that? This information can often be critical in helping prevent hiring the wrong people for a role. Thus you can avoid the considerable cost, hassle, frustration and lost opportunity on both sides that ensues.

The ProfileXT is a state of the art, highly accurate psychometric test that is both robust, and yet easy to interpret by non-experts.

To find out more about psychometric assessments call us on 01295 720365