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See how we work - accountable at all times.

We use state of the art recruitment software to manage our assignments. It is bespoke to our industry, and enables us to manage clients assignments quickly and efficiently.

One aspect is that we can produce regular update reports so our clients can see exactly where we are up to at any given time.

To see a copy of one of these reports register and you can download it.

One of our clients said this was the best reporting with the most accountability he had ever seen in over a decades recruitment experience!

Sometimes we get over 300 names on these reports. In a particularly involved assignment we will contact ALL of them and verify their interest / suitability.

Please note, however, that this all comes back to mutual commitment. If you commit to us exclusively, in turn we can afford to devote more time and resource to your work.

If, on the other hand, you have asked 6 other agencies to look for candidates, we are sure you understand that we must be careful how much time & effort we commit!