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What a brilliant concept! YO! Home

I visited the autumn Interior Trade shows recently - 100% Design and Decorex. Great chance to see some of the products that my clients and candidates sell and keep up to date with the trends. (Nice opportunity to gently re-acquaint with some industry folks too!).

I was very taken with the new YO! Home concept. At 100% Design you could get into a full size working version; and experience exactly how it works.

Have a look via this link:

I do wonder where the cat might end up though!

Looking for Aircraft Interiors salespeople with Middle East connections!


Our client is a highly respected firm supplying the Aircraft Interior sector to the highest quality and design standards. 

The role is to sell the company products via the existing customer network and develop new business, especially in the Middle East.

Social Media - what are they saying about you out there...........?!

I have just been on a great days training on the use of Social Media (SM) by Warren Kemp of Recruitment Matters.

He covered many aspects of this fast moving discipline in his usual informative yet entertaining style.

Several points came out relating to the impact SM can have on any business. Here they are:

1. Do your staff say things on their Facebook or Twitter pages that mention your business? If so are they "on message", or are they making negative comments?

Sunday trading - give your laptop a day off!

Just a quick thought.

Like pretty much everyone else I spend increasing amounts of time hooked up to a computer, either laptop or smart phone.

Whilst it is impossible these days to run a business (or your life!) without a high degree of I.T. connectivity, it has a downside.

We humans were not designed to sit for hours on end squinting at a screen. Immobility leads to back ache, obesity and a general lack of wellbeing.

So I am trying to avoid any form of I.T. on Sundays. The laptop gets turned off and the BlackBerry gets ignored.

Re-adjustment - 4 years on from the Lehman Brothers crash.

I have had some interesting discussions this week with candidates and colleagues from around the industry.

One common theme has been how for many of us everything we had planned for, and worked towards, went suddenly and seemingly irrevocably pear-shaped in October 2008 with the banking crash, and the subsequent demise of Lehman Brothers.


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