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Re-adjustment - 4 years on from the Lehman Brothers crash.

I have had some interesting discussions this week with candidates and colleagues from around the industry.

One common theme has been how for many of us everything we had planned for, and worked towards, went suddenly and seemingly irrevocably pear-shaped in October 2008 with the banking crash, and the subsequent demise of Lehman Brothers.

Too busy to blog!

No blog for a few weeks as we have been very busy with vacancies!

With new clients in the very high end residential furniture market (£15,00 for a sofa anyone?) and the softwood timber products for construction markets; we are certainly expanding our horizons product-wise!

However contract flooring remains central to our business, and we have a steady flow of vacancies for sales people in these areas too.

What's happening with your CV?

We suspect (OK - we know!), that sometimes other agencies don't ask the "owner" of the CV for their permission before sending it in to a client.
We hear horror stories of CV's being blasted out willy nilly to hundreds of clients in a spray and pray exercise - even ending up in your current bosses inbox!

Lessons from Football management! (or not?)

I'm more of a rugby fan, but do take an interest in the national game too.

Are there any lessons we can draw from the Premier League and compare them to the management of teams in our industry?

Let's look at Chelsea - currently a team collapsing on seemingly all levels; and currently losing to teams (West Brom) that were an automatic three points only a season or so ago. Well done Baggies though - fair play!

Sure the players are a bit older (although there are some new young ones too).

Digital selling - fancy a £2 million order?

I met a specification sales person this week - as I do many times in a month - nothing new there.

However not many of them can report that they have nailed a £2 million order running through this and next year!

And, to make it even more interesting, they had found the initial prospects name & details online - on LinkedIn.


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