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Shock survey results - Trackers in company cars!!

Over the past 2 weeks we've been conducting a survey into the use of trackers in company cars (predominantly amongst sales people that we know). Over 50 people have responded, and whilst this is a relatively small sample, the results are so clear cut that you should take note!

We answer these questions:

1. Does your company car have a tracker fitted?

2. Did you know your company car had a tracker fitted when you joined the company?

3. Do you mind having a tracker fitted?

4. Are there any benefits to you if you have a tracker fitted?

Trackers in company cars - contentious issue!

We are currently conducting a survey into the use of trackers in company cars, their use is on the increase with reported benefits for companies. But what do the companies employees think?

We'll report back our findings here at the end of November. If you'd like to take part please click here.

Signs of the times - London calling?

Two interesting articles caught my eye this week:

1. Reported in the F.T. - there were 5,400 tower cranes registered in the UK since March 2010. Over 3000 of them are in London, and only 3 in Northern Ireland. The pre-eminence of the South East, especially London continues................!

What do candidates look for in a recruiter? Guess what came first?

We just completed a survey here at Beaumont Wood using super new software. It allowed us to ask many of our candidates what was important from them in the services provided by a recruiter. Here is what they said in order of preference:

1. Ability to video interview

2. CV template /writing service

3. Salary advice

4. Job hunting tips

Ecobuild -

Ecobuild was a good show, lively with enthusiastic exhibitors & lots of new ideas. All of the exhibitors had to meet reasonably strict environmental criteria - otherwise they could not book a stand. It would be interesting to know which companies, if any, were turned down on these grounds!


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