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Carrying the torch – Are the Olympics really relevant to us?

Carrying the torch – Are the Olympics really relevant to us?

Don’t worry this not one of those cliché ridden articles about how we can all take inspiration from the Olympics and relate it to our working lives. In fact, the inspiration for this article came in a rather cynical moment when I saw a headline in a newspaper. It was all about some petty argument or other over something someone from one Olympic squad had said about the team GB effort or a similar topic.

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Yes, something happened, but it’s business as usual

We are now some weeks after a pretty big thing happened in UK politics. This, by the way, is not an article about that. I don’t know about you, but I am pretty much suffering from “B-word” fatigue now. This article is about something more day to day than huge political disruptions; it is about how we react to them.

Building a new workforce - Women in construction

female construction worker

Sometimes, and I suppose this is true if you run a business of any kind, when you analyse the in-house data you get an interesting result. In this case, it is also frankly a little worrying in the wider context.

Generation gap or bridge – how a mix of ages can create a stronger team

 How a mix of ages can create a stronger team

There is little doubt that many of us will be working until later in life than we probably expected and that the retirement age is likely to get even higher in coming years. What this means is that we have a workforce that spans a wider age range than ever before and that means we need to accept and adapt to this. Every employer hopes that their team will act in tandem and so strives to create a cohesive and combined approach in the workforce. How to do this across what could easily be three generations, presents an interesting challenge.


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