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Building a new workforce - Women in construction

female construction worker

Sometimes, and I suppose this is true if you run a business of any kind, when you analyse the in-house data you get an interesting result. In this case, it is also frankly a little worrying in the wider context.

Generation gap or bridge – how a mix of ages can create a stronger team

 How a mix of ages can create a stronger team

There is little doubt that many of us will be working until later in life than we probably expected and that the retirement age is likely to get even higher in coming years. What this means is that we have a workforce that spans a wider age range than ever before and that means we need to accept and adapt to this. Every employer hopes that their team will act in tandem and so strives to create a cohesive and combined approach in the workforce. How to do this across what could easily be three generations, presents an interesting challenge.

The ideal may not be ideal any more – Employing in a candidate driven market

Employing in a candidate driven market

There is nothing wrong with wanting the very best. In fact, we expect and indeed want our clients and candidates to feel the same way. When you come to us, from either side of the recruitment process, you have a right to demand that we place the right person in the right position.

Fluid world – Are we moving towards an integrated life?

Fluid world – Are we moving towards an integrated life?

A couple of news releases recently really caught my imagination. There is a link to them at the bottom of the page which will give you the full background because there really isn’t enough space to go into detail here. In a nutshell, one article talked about a revolutionary car design that would allow the vehicle to feed energy back into the owner’s house, and the second proposed designs for a cycle bridge of nearly 5km over the San Francisco Bay.

Are circular podiums the future of office desks?

The humble office desk could be set to undergo a radical makeover - that is is Dutch architects and designers, UNStudio is to have it their way. The reimagined desk takes the form of a circular podium, dubbed the StandTable, which aims to enhance office collaboration and make workers become more active in the workplace.


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