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November 2012

Where will it all end......??

Business productivity, love it or hate it, we all have to be finding ways to work smarter and more efficiently. Technology is the great enabler and I, like many of my clients, benefit from the productivity that a well set up BlackBerry synchronizing with my database will bring. I can work effectiuvely on the move and get more done - good stuff.

However one new product I noticed this week just seems to be taking it all just a little bit too far.

I'll huff, and I'll puff 'till I blow your house down!

The big bad wolf (Or specification salesperson) is trying to get into the 3 little pigs house (or local architectural practice). Hears how the 3 little pigs may react!

I had an interesting chat with an Architect friend this week. He is so fed up with getting bombarded by salespeople following up on Glenigan and ABI leads; that he is proposing retaliation!