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January 2012

Digital selling - fancy a £2 million order?

I met a specification sales person this week - as I do many times in a month - nothing new there.

However not many of them can report that they have nailed a £2 million order running through this and next year!

And, to make it even more interesting, they had found the initial prospects name & details online - on LinkedIn.

Turn 'em on, or turn 'em off? - sales incentives.

First of all a belated Happy New Year to one and all!

Hopefully 2012 will be better than our friends in the media persist in telling us.

By the way did anyone else notice that hidden in the "Bad news about Tesco" story this week there was actually some darn good new for the British construction industry?

Here is how the BBC reported it:

"Tesco shares tumbled 16% after it said it was "disappointed" by its seasonal trading in the UK.