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May 2011

Post You gotta go with the flow!!

Interviews – not many people like them, especially when something really important like a new job rests on the performance at interview.

The interview process varies enormously. In the 10 years I’ve been a recruiter I’ve seen everything from the casual 15 minute chat through to the 5 stage (yes five!) interview complete with psychometrics.

I sometimes hear back from candidates bemoaning the fact that they didn’t get to speak – all the interviewer wanted to do was blow their own trumpet and boast about their company car!

CV or not CV – that is the question!

Over 50% of CV’s have “distortions”, “amendments”, “embellishments” or – at the extreme end – “down right wapping lies” on them. Some of these are short stop jobs that mysteriously disappear from CV’s, some are achievement claims that weren’t down to the claimant themselves. In the worst cases you get people pretending they have a medical degree and then practising as Doctors on poor unsuspecting patients!