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April 2011

Look deeper into the past!

We’ve had a rough few years economically of late. Unless you’ve been fortunate, you must have noticed the problems in the economy and those facing many companies.

Whilst (hopefully!) things do seem to be improving – at least for most – there have been casualties.

Most companies were affected to the extent that recruitment was frozen through 2009 and into the early part of 2010.

Many laid off staff because their markets had shrunk, or even collapsed.

Prove it!

Various surveys repeatedly report that around 50 % of CV’s have accidental errors, minor omissions, dodgy sections or, at worst downright lies on them!

When added to the increasing practice of referring to periods of employment in one year bands (Worked at Acme Ltd from 2007-2009) there is almost more vagueness than clear fact on show!

As recruiters we need to see clearly what someone has (And by inference has not) achieved. Concentrated as I am in the sales / commercial field; every job is accountable and should be supported by credible back up evidence.