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March 2011

CV gaffes – Just hire me, for God’s sake!

A recent survey of CV gaffes ( lists giving God as a reference as the top of the list.

 Other clangers include a candidate who listed lion taming as a hobby, another who wrote in rhyme, one who used a photograph of someone else and one applicant who only gave their name and phone number with the phrase: “I want a job.

Another job seeker claimed to be a descendant of the Vikings; while one listed “Master of Time and Universe” under his experience!”

Keep to the straight and narrow guys!

Post Quicker ‘n’ slicker!

It’s been a massive week here at Beaumont Wood!

The entire I.T. system has been overhauled with new hardware, upgraded Microsoft Office software plus new state of the art specialist recruitment software installed.

In addition we are now blogging (as per this post), tweeting and Facebook-ing too!